Corrosion & Materials Selection Engineer Tecnicas Reunidas · Istanbul, Turkey

Corrosion & Materials Selection Engineer
Tecnicas Reunidas · Istanbul, Turkey

Técnicas Reunidas is a world leading international general contractor engaged in the engineering and construction of industrial facilities in the fields of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Energy Transition, Infrastructures and industries, etc. Tecnicas Reunidas has worked and built all over the world, in 60 countries of the 5 continents.


  • Development of all the Material Selection and Corrosion Control deliverables such as Corrosion Control Philosophies, Material Selection Report, Material Selection Diagrams, Corrosion Loops, CRAs etc..
  • High technical knowledge and interpretation of the different Processes, H&M Balance, Process data, PFDs, Corrosion Variables, Corrosion Rate Calculations, Environmental Data, P&IDs, Line List, etc.
  • Study and implementation of the Corrosion mitigation strategy including Corrosion Rate Calculations and Inhibition requirements.
  • Revision of different project documentation important for the Corrosion control such as Process Datasheet, Piping Classes, Design, Fabrication and Inspection documents.
  • Emission of Project Specifications (Materials, Welding, Painting, Thermal insulation etc.).
  • Technical support to other disciplines for the revision of vendor deviations during technical tabulation and fabrication.
  • Technical support to other disciplines for the development of the Piping classes, Line Lists etc..
  • Revision of Vendor documents such as Material Technical Purchase Specification, Painting and Coating and Refractory.
  • Technical support for Site Decision for the management of the deviations, waivers, doubts, studies and analysis related to corrosion, materials, painting, insulation and failure.
  • Engineering Management Activities such as Engineering Progress reporting and coordinating if necessary.
  • Assist to Project Managers in technical coordination with other engineering disciplines and Client when necessary.


  • 5 year minimum experience working in the Material & Corrosion department in an Engineering Company.
  • Effective communication skills and understanding of other disciplines
  • Management of SOFTWARE applicable to Corrosion and Risk Based Inspection as well as insulation.
  • Management of codes, norms, manuals and standard as API, ISO, ASME, AWS, AWWA, ASM, ASTM, EN, ANSI, NACE, EFC, NORSOK, NIDI, PED applicable to specific areas of Material Selection, Fabrication and Corrosion Control.
  • Able to complete tasks in accordance with project requirements.
  • Able to discuss routine technical problems and communicate effectively with immediate supervisor and other project personnel.
  • Able to discuss possible Failure Analysis Cases or Fitness for Service in evaluated installations.
  • Self-motivated and quick learner.
  • Excellent English language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Able to deal with change and demonstrate flexibility as required

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