Hiring Senior Corrosion Engineer at ADNOC Abu Dhabi UAE

corrosion engineer

Hiring Senior Corrosion Engineer at ADNOC Abu Dhabi UAE

Direct Hiring by ADNOC for Corrosion and Metallurgy expert

Key Accountabilities

Engineering Studies, Advise and Expertise

  • Lead the corrosion and metallurgy management activities in executing the long term and yearly operating plans to provide the required contribution to the achievement to the division and company’s objectives.
  • Supervise the implementation of performance objectives of the corrosion and metallurgy management unit based on establish monitoring mechanisms to ensure that these objectives are delivered.
  • Supervise the development, reviews, and effective communication of corrosion and metallurgy management related policies, standards and procedures based on ADNOC guidelines and industry best practices to effectively build a center of technical excellence in the company and ensure the highest quality of the technical solutions and services provided.
  • Lead and supervise technical studies, research, and failure analysis in the areas of corrosion and metallurgy management to proactively identify areas of improvement and innovation, to incorporate lessons learnt as well as to recommend upgrades, modification, and improvements to the existing systems in the Operations, Major Projects, and Technical Group.
  • Provide direction in corrosion and metallurgy management to internal end users as well as endorse plans and changes in specifications of EPC for technical and major projects to ensure consistent application of technical standards across company sites and projects.
  • Supervise the scheduling of corrosion and metallurgy management activities to ensure timely and effective provision of requested engineering services to other company divisions.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • At least 8 yrs. of experience in corrosion & metallurgy engineering with particular emphasis on corrosion and materials monitoring within a large industrial organization, preferably in the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Knowledge of engineering principles related to metallurgy engineering as well as experience in the development and reviews of relevant policies, standard and procedures relevant to oil and gas industry.
  • Good working knowledge and skills in various systems and tools related to corrosion and metallurgy engineering.


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